Photos | Father John Misty (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin
As part of a western expansion, Music Savage will be covering shows in the Portland, OR area through our friend Colin McLaughlin. We look forward to his contribution and the expansion of our empire. If you see him at a show, tell him you love him, because we do.

[I]f you were ever to leave home in search of adventure, Father John Misty is the type of companion you’d want by your side. Imagined by J.Tillman as a Laurel Canyon lost boy, hell bent on squeezing life for all its juice, the Father John Misty character that so easily pulled you into his world at the onset of “Funtimes in Babylon,” is even better realized in a live setting.

On record, your only tip-off to his stage persona comes in the form of “I’m Writing A Novel,” a delirious track that is the funnest drug romp I’ve ever heard. On stage, Tillman, and certain members of his band for that matter, assume this persona’s energy and wit, and put both right in front of your gaping mouth. No, this ain’t a slow little folk show, sister. You wandered in on a countrified, pop-folk charm fest, full of impromptu pelvic gyrations, mic stand swings, and the best banter this side of the Mississip. As Fear Fun is the band’s only album, the set is short; but fear not, you will not leave wanting for anything other than more. Just don’t bring your girlfriends, as they’re going to fall under his spell. I know mine sure did.

Check out my pics of his recent Wonder Ballroom show in Portland, OR after the jump…