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Kaleo @ The Middle East
Photos by Boston Concert Photography

Sometimes you get lucky and that one band from Iceland you’ve been digging just happens to be headlining a Taste of Iceland event in your city on your birthday. Sometimes you get even luckier and that band is Kaleo.

A majority of the now Austin-based foursome have been friends since attending elementary school together just outside of Reykjavik, but it wasn’t until 2013’s self-titled album made it’s way into the mix that they began to really garner attention from the rest of the world. Most recently, the the buzz-worthy “All the Pretty Girls” (video below) caught the ear of the world stage and since then it seems Kaleo has been riding the wave, playing bigger shows to broader audiences and landing themselves on a few “you-really-gotta-see-these-guys-at-south-by-man” lists.

Give the “All the Pretty Girls” EP (NoiseTrade) and “I Walk On Water” a spin and you’ll begin to understand the variety of sounds these fellas can pull off. Obvious influences range from Bon Iver to David Gray to Bob Schneider. They do it all very well and with that Icelandic charm we’ve become familiar with in recent years.

Keep an ear out for their stuff in the background of your favorite primetime drama. It’s only a matter of time.

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“All the Pretty Girls” Live at The Middle East