Photos | Lil' Dicky @ Brighton Music Hall

Lil' Dicky at Brighton Music Hall
Photos by Boston Concert Photography

Sometimes there’s a movement in a music scene that you simply can’t ignore. Such is the case with Lil’ Dicky (A.K.A. David Burd / LD / Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis,) the white Jewish rapper from Philadelphia who is turning heads from Everytown, USA to Diddy’s yacht with his Kickstarter-funded “Professional Rapper”album and tour.

On first impression, some people will probably take him for strictly a comedian. Some kind of cross between Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem, if you will. But I’d ask you to listen closer if comedy is all you’re taking away from his music.

Are most of his songs satirical? Yes. Does his subject matter appeal to geeky white guys? Yes. But take in more than the videos being played for laughs and you’ll find out this guy actually has the skills, the rhymes, the flow and the scheme to pull off legitimate rap game (just look around.)

Lil’ Dicky is a legit performer. Don’t let the Jew-fro and Jew-flow fool you.

If you were able to make it to Brighton Music Hall on Tuesday, you’re probably a believer that this is more than a fluke. Go catch one of Lil’ Dicky’s shows before he starts playing much bigger venues and have a damn fun time.

But let’s not get it twisted — Lil’ Dicky is the one having the most fun out of all of us.