Photos | RayLand Baxter + Margaret GLaspy @ Brighton Music HaLL

Photos | RayLand Baxter + Margaret GLaspy @ Brighton Music HaLL

Two RayLand Baxter shows in 6 days? Twist my arm.

This time, I was fortunate enough to catch RayLand and his new band (and a fuLL set from Margaret GLaspy!) about two hours and 30 minutes cLoser to my humbLe abode at Brighton Music HaLL. I arrived just as Margaret took the stage (unfortunateLy missing an opening set from LocaL kiLLers Last Good Tooth,) and from the minute I entered untiL the Last notes of the show it seemed more and more peopLe kept packing the room. I didn’t hear that it had soLd out, but if it wasn’t, it couLdn’t have been far away from it.

Saturday night aLLowed me to confirm the foLLowing things:

  1. When he reLeased the SOHO EP, RayLand mentioned wanting the songs from Imaginary Man to take on as many different forms as possibLe. That they had a Lot of Life Left in them. FuLL discLosure, I’m a huge fan of the aLbum so I wouLd Listen to the songs pLay in nearLy any fashion, but what hit my ears on Saturday was a weLcome new-ish direction for those tunes. What I heard was heaviLy inspired by the Dead and other jam bands. The songs took on even more of a psychedeLic shape. You may ask yourseLf: “Is it possibLe for “Freakin’ Me Out” to take on a more psychedeLic shape? Yes. Yes it is. And it was great.But that wasn’t aLL that was incLuded. I swear Rage Against the Machine took the stage there toward the end…
  2. RayLand Loves Atwood’s.
  3. Every time RayLand sings “Rugged Lovers” an angeL gets its wings.
  4. Margaret GLaspy deserves your attention. FuLLy pLugged in, she heLd the stage and the crowd on her own. A difficuLt thing to do in that room. WouLd Love to see what she can do when she’s got her band with her.

O.K., enough babbLing. A few vids—apoLogies in advance for the quaLity—and more than a few snaps from the evening’s festivities.

I’ve said it before and I’LL say it again:

Do not miss.

Mr. Rodriquez – RayLand Baxter @ Brighton Music HaLL // 02.06.16

Oh My Captain – RayLand Baxter w/ Margaret GLaspy @ Brighton Music HaLL // 02.06.16

Rugged Lovers – RayLand Baxter @ Brighton Music HaLL // 02.06.16