Photos + Review | Black Pistol Fire & Blackfoot Gypsies @ The Sinclair

Photos + Review | Black Pistol Fire & Blackfoot Gypsies @ The Sinclair

It’s becoming a recurring scene, the Music Savage gang flocking to the Sinclair to catch even a glimpse of the nuclear power factory that is Black Pistol Fire. On the heels of their most recent release, Deadbeat Graffiti, the YYZ come ATX band descended on our little town to set our hair on fire.

Opening the night was Nashville’s Blackfoot Gypsies, whom against most any other band could steal the show. Their southern rock / blues / americana sound brings the sound of the Stones and Chuck Berry with a rock-and-roll swagger that is nearly unmatched. Playing songs from their April release, To The Top, these guys were a total surprise to us. They brought the energy and fun we absolutely needed out of a night like tonight. Suffice to say, we’re all big fans now.

Blackfoot Gypsies were an appetizer to the main course of Black Pistol Fire. No other band we’ve seen live delivers the punch that Black Pistol Fire does. As just a two piece, their energy level is a nuclear warhead about to explode at any point. There’s nothing that seems to slow these guys down, and they delivered on a night of headbanging, rocking out that was unparalleled (unless of course you were there last time). Powering through classic songs like Hipster Shakes, and Suffocation Blues, the duo also jammed out songs from their newest record, opening with Lost Cause, a frenetic pounding of the senses, and Bully, a brooding, wailing slow burn that lit the room.

It’s hard to capture in words what it’s like to see these guys live. But it’s truly an experience to have, they capture your attention with their energy, for which it seems like they have all of the energy that life could contain, they are a true force of nature, and will leave your ears ringing, your neck sore, and your soul shook.

Check out our photos from Steve @ Boston Concert Photography