Photos + Review | Chris Farren @ Once Somerville

Photos + Review | Chris Farren  @ Once Somerville

Donned in glitter and a gold necklace, Chris Farren performed yet another Perfect Set at Once Somerville on January 30th on what he said was his biggest headlining show to date. Just Chris, a guitar, and a lot of projections, there was nothing lacking about his solo performance. A super funny internet presence brought to life on stage with the theme ‘Born Hot’, Farren brings the whole room in on the joke with balloons with his face on them, projections letting us know how soon his birthday is, and his own art “I drew this”.

Although heavy on the entertainment factor, a Chris Farren show is not without substance. His songs are full, fun, and heartfelt, with even the occasional heartbreaking lyric, like in Bizzy, “Why do I feel out of place in my own outerspace?” Coupled with much more hyper songs such as Love Theme from “Born Hot”. Chris is a master of duality with humor and passion. Whether as Chris Farren or in his project with Jeff Rosenstock, Antarctigo Vespucci, he is not a performer to miss.

Macseal and Retirement Party were the perfect support for this show. Boston always goes wild for Macseal, with nonstop pointing and crowdsurfing. Retirement Party is also beloved by our little community, making this a feel good show of the year.