Photos + Review | Erin Rae + Samuel Gregg @ City Winery

Photos + Review | Erin Rae + Samuel Gregg @ City Winery

On July 10th Erin Rae and her incredible band brought the tour for her new album, Putting On Airs, to City Winery in Boston and as this record is one of the Music Savage gang’s favorites of the year, we simply had to head out for a Tuesday night show to hear the new songs come to life in this intimate venue. We have been following the career of Rae for some time and have watched as she has gone from being known as Nashville’s best kept secret to Nashville’s next big thing. The audience on this stop saw a charming, talented performer seemingly comfortable with what lies ahead as she takes her first steps into a larger world.

The songs on Putting On Airs dig in deep when coming out of your speakers or headphones. The band creates an environment of sound that perfectly surrounds Rae’s vocals and I get chills just listening to the recorded versions. So imagine the next level chills when hearing these tracks played live in a room built to envelop the concert goer in the music that flows from the stage. Each song came with a short and sweet story of the meaning behind the words and the interaction of the band throughout the set showed that this was a group of friends, not just musicians. It was a stellar night indeed and if you were not there to hear some incredible musicians play the hell out of one of the best albums of 2018 live…then I am truly sorry.

Speaking of bandmates, one of Erin Rae’s very own kicked off the evening in fine fashion. St. Louis based singer-songwriter Samuel Gregg played a beautiful set of moving folk-hymns inspired by stories and songs from the very beginnings of Americana music. Playing tracks from his EP, Wasting Daylight, and previewing songs from his upcoming album he had the audience in his spell for the entire set. His lyrics and sound are steeped in tradition and Gregg’s music pays homage to those that came before him while creating timeless fables for others to follow for years to come. Find his music and play it!

Do yourself a favor live music lovers and see Erin Rae on tour if her and the band happen to swing on through your city. Luckily for a lot of you there’s a good chance they are heading your way as dates continue, both here in the states and overseas, until October. All information on tickets and dates can be found on

Check out the terrific photos taken by our very own Steve Benoit of Boston Concert Photo of an evening well spent!