Photos + Review | Fruit Bats + Andrew Combs @ The Sinclair

Photos + Review | Fruit Bats + Andrew Combs @ The Sinclair

On November 6th Eric D. Johnson brought his latest and greatest incarnation of Fruit Bats to the Boston area as the tour in support of the their latest album, Gold Past Life, stopped at The Sinclair in Harvard Square. This record is one of the Music Savage gang’s favorites, so we simply had to head out for a Wednesday night show to hear the new songs come to life in one of the best venues in town. 

The songs on Gold Past Life dig in deep when coming out of your speakers or headphones. Eric and his band create an environment of sound that perfectly surrounds you and I get chills just listening to the recorded versions. So you can imagine the next level chills I got when hearing these tracks played live! I loved looking at the sold-out crowd singing and dancing along to every song. Johnson has a way with lyrics and music that truly connects us all. It was an incredible night and if you were not there to hear some stellar musicians play the hell out of one of the best albums of the year then I am very sorry.

Music Savage favorite Andrew Combs kicked off the evening in fine fashion. The Nashville based singer-songwriter played a beautiful set of moving folk-hymns mostly inspired by his life as a troubadour and the love of his family. Combs is an outstanding songwriter, guitar player, and his banter with the crowd is always incredibly charming. Playing songs from his new album, Ideal Man, he had the audience in his spell for the entire set. 

Do yourself a favor live music lovers and see Fruit Bats and Andrew Combs if they happen to swing on through your city. While their tour together has ended you can still catch Eric and the crew in the U.S through December and for our European friends you can find Andrew Combs in your part of the world as he heads overseas starting November 15th.  All information on tickets and dates can be found on &

Check out the terrific photos taken by our very own Steve Benoit of Boston Concert Photography of an evening well spent!