Photos + Review | Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall

Photos + Review | Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall

In 2014, Joe Purdy put out what I thought was the best (and most overlooked) album of the year. While most were focused on the talk of Sturgill Simpson saving Country music, Joe Purdy wrote, recorded, produced and released Eagle Rock Fire—wait for it—for free.

Having been a causal Purdy fan since Julie Blue (circa 2004) I was happy to dip back into an artist that I hadn’t given much thought to recently, but that had certainly marked a period in my life. Well damn if I didn’t fall so hard for that album that I still listen regularly today. So regularly, I believe my oldest son can recite the lyrics from memory.

When he last came through Boston over a year and a half ago and I was unable to make the show… well, I was kinda crushed. I have had that long to build this show up in my mind and I can honestly say Purdy over-delivered.

Certainly a lot has changed since June 2014, not the least of which is the current political climate / state of our union. Perhaps changed isn’t the word, but the focus has certainly shifted. And it seems that focus has been something Purdy has been inspired by, as a majority of the new songs he played for the supportive and conversational crowd were honed in on themes of drawing our country back together by it’s common thread… we’re all human and we’re all in this together.

And we were all in it together. The show, I mean. There was a palpable feeling of camaraderie at BMH that night. We were all there together with purpose. With Joe as the organizing voice, we talked, laughed, nodded, cheered and sang as one unit.

How does one draw in an audience in that way? Well, singing about something everyone is feeling is certainly part of the equation, but overtaking a chatty, noisy venue by singing alone is a feat rarely accomplished. Purdy’s patience and courteous engagement of the audience is how he earns your attention and your heart, and then he skillfully continues to engage more and more of the crowd through song, subject, and conversation until the entire room is hanging on his every word, just waiting for the chance to be part of the movement.

I have covered many-a-show at Brighton Music Hall, and I have never heard it that quiet.

A true testament to the artist—and activist—that Purdy has become.

Check out a few clips below, but take my word for it that neither picture nor video will replace the feeling of being part of something that special at your local music hall.

So do yourself a favor and get out to this tour.

Pickin’ Sides (clip) – Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall // 03.26.16

My Country – Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall // 03.26.16

Balcony / Green Eyes – Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall // 03.26.16

Pioneer – Joe Purdy @ Brighton Music Hall // 03.26.16