Photos + Review | Mandolin Orange + My Bubba @ The Sinclair

Photos + Review | Mandolin Orange +  My Bubba @ The Sinclair

It was fantastic to come out to Cambridge’s Sinclair, walk towards the stage and see that it was near impossible to find a place to stand. We’d all packed in to see a band who’s latest release is a palette of intimacy and emotion from two of the most sincere and genuine artists I’ve come across. The Sinclair was packed elbow to elbow, and was intensely focused on Andrew Marlin, and Emily Frantz every harmony. And boy can they harmonize, and leave you awestruck. It’s hard to imagine a band or artist out there that comes across more sincere than Mandolin Orange. Their set at the Sinclair proved it over and over again.

Playing a large chunk of their most recent, and brilliant release Blindfaller, it seemed as though the entire crowd new every nuance of the record from end to end. They (myself included) hung on every note of Marlin’s mandolin, who seemingly cannot play a bad one. Or Frantz voice that cradles and carries you, like you are a feather floating along on a breezy day. This band truly is something amazing to see and hear as they travel through their catalog with ease, and play with a master level of restraint and beauty, and keep us entertained as a band who may be one of the most talented acts touring today.

All I can say again and again is, go see this band, twice.

Check out our photos of Mandolin Orange, and opener Your Bubba from Steve @ Boston Concert Photography.