Photos + Review | The Menzingers + Queen of Jeans + The Sidekicks @ The Palladium Upstairs

Photos + Review | The Menzingers + Queen of Jeans + The Sidekicks @ The Palladium Upstairs

The Menzingers played to a very sweaty, sold-out crowd in Worcester at The Palladium Upstairs. The Philly-born band have had a strong community of Massachusetts devotees for years, after playing a myriad of venues across the state, ranging from this same room at the Palladium to the House of Blues. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more impassioned crowd than a Menzingers crowd. The entire room sings every word to every song, from any era of the band’s discography. Even their newest song “Anna”, released not two weeks prior, was well-known and loved by the crowd. “Anna” is the first track released from their upcoming album Hello Exile, due to drop October 4th, 2019 on Epitaph Records.

The night was kicked off by Queen of Jeans, also hailing from Philly. They played a super cool indie rock set that meshed beautifully with the rest of the show. Their style of music is described perfectly on their Bandcamp in a quote from some hero named 1964kyle, who says the band is “like a 2016 revival of a 90s throwback to the 60s”.

The Sidekicks played an incredibly energized set complete with indie bops from their most recent album Happiness Hours, one of the most heartfelt records of 2018, as well as their new single “Ode To Jerry”. The Sidekicks have a captivating stage presence that could make a fan out of anyone, and are an absolute joy to see live. 

This show was a perfect three-band bill, full of some of the most enthralling living acts in the punk/indie rock community. 

“A little Irish in your blood,
A little Polish in your name,
A little Boston in your attitude,
Just the way you were raised”