Photos | Stars + Jets Overhead - Aladdin Theater (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin

[T]here are people that are crushed by sadness, and then there are others that hold out hope for what comes after. Stars have always struck me as the latter. The types that will cheers heartache in a concert, because they see our days as a series of beautiful chances. “We wouldn’t have pop songs without it,” they said. I agree, it’s a fair trade, and one that they used to their advantage, no matter how sweet or sour their words ended up being.

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting their performance to be so exuberant. I also wasn’t expecting to see multiple disco balls paint the room in glowing strokes of light all night. Color me impressed, both with that and the tag team vocals of Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan. Their soft focus diary excerpts did more than just entertain, they made you see the bright side too. “We are here to save your life,” indeed.

Have a look at some glittery pictures from Stars and opener, Jets Overhead’s sets at the Aladdin Theater down below.