Photos | The Tallest Man On Earth + Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear @ The Orpheum

The Tallest Man On Earth at The Orpheum
Photos by Boston Concert Photography

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to sit in on two fine acts who will be donning the grounds of Fort Adams for the Newport Folk Festival come July. Having jumped on the tickets during a pre-sale, we had one of the best seats in the house for an intimate show with the rest of the folks at the Orpheum.

Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear started the night with their family affair driven soul infused folk music which is driven by Ward’s incredible tenor. It was no surprise that the duo have an incredible chemistry, making for a warm and lovable set featuring songs off their new release “Skeleton Crew,” which was out today.

Finally, The Tallest Man on Earth, which is definitely a misnomer, came out to huge fanfare. On the heels of his recent release “Dark Bird is Home,” played his set for the first time with a full band. The band seemed to elevate Matsson’s sorrow filled new songs, and pulled back enough to let his charisma show. Having the opportunity to be so close, Matsson is an amazing performer with a truly distinct style. The new material that was played centers around the time around and after Matsson’s divorce, but feels anthemic enough to feel like salvation and catharsis, it made for a beautiful show, and opened doors to some of his older material like “The Gardener,” which definitely was well received as the entire crowd got in on the vocals.

We look forward to once again seeing both acts at the fort, and can unabashedly say, they are both a must see. Check out our photos from the night.