Preview | The Curtis Mayflower - Everything Beautiful is Under Attack

Curtis Mayflower Band

[T]he good news is that The Curtis Mayflower are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming, Kickstarter-funded, debut album Everything Beautiful is Under Attack. The great news is that the fundraising goal has been met. The even better news is that these hard working musicians will now have the ability to get the music they created heard by countless new fans. How do I know these people will automatically become fans you ask? Well it’s quite simple, I’ve listened to the album and it is something special.

Earlier this year Pete Aleksi (guitar), Duncan Arsenault (drums), Jeremy Moses Curtis (bass), Brooks Milgate (keys), and Craig Rawding (vocals) set up a studio in a farmhouse located in Lamoine, Maine and recorded 11 songs live using analog gear. Bands do this all the time right? Well, these guys decided they would record the very first take of each song! That’s bona fide confidence in your band mates and sound engineer. It’s also lot of pressure to put on yourself as a musician, and this group took that challenge to heart. Everything Beautiful is Under Attack is the sound of five individually talented artists combining together to form a massive blues-rock Voltron.

There is one standout track after another on the forthcoming album and one of the many highlights is the song, “Clockwork Hearts,” which you can listen to above to prepare yourself for the other 10 tracks that will be hitting you soon. So stay tuned to hear more about The Curtis Mayflower right here on Music Savage, and be sure to tell all your friends you heard your new favorite band here first.

Want to help out in the last few days of the fundraising project and get yourself a nice thank you gift of music? Of course you do, so head to their Kickstater page now.

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