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Through Everything, I’m There

I’m always stumbling about on the internet so a lot of things come across my eyes and ears.  When I’m blown away at the content I see, I make a note of it, usually to share with others.  Enter One Hello World, a website created by a musician living in Wichita, KS.

OHW has a phone number that you can call and leave a voicemail and a soundtrack to your thoughts is written and produced and put on the website. He asks, to call (316) 247-0421 and tell your thoughts and he’ll write the soundtrack.

One in particular I thought was really amazing is the aforementioned, Through Everything, I’m There.  A voicemail from the inner thoughts about the ever expanding boundaries of love, and what you will do for the ones you love.  Hear the voicemail, set to a gorgeous soundtrack, and try not to feel for the story, try not to be wrapped up in it.  Its really emotional, and gorgeous.

In fact, I think if we were to just sit in the same room and I was to just hold her hand, I would be the most content I’ve ever been. That to me… that’s what real, honest to God, love is.

Honest love knows no illness. I hope she gets well. Thanks for calling.

His process begins by  by listening to the voicemails that are submitted, often 30 to 80 at a time, searching for clarity in speech and an interesting monologue.

He states I find myself particularly inspired by those recording in which the person is speaking in their genuine voice, or have a perspective I can relate to.

When the right voicemail comes up it is saved to a “keeper” list, along with a note that identifies the theme/topic of the call. When it’s time to make a new track, he goes back to the repository of voicemails to find something that fits a mood or the tone of the music that’s playing in his head.  A composition is created using the keyboard to find harmonies and melodies that fit with the tone and shape of the recording.  After this process, and a mixing process it is released to his blog.

He claims a lot of inspiration for the work, and for his music in general, Hans Zimmer, Jean Sibelius’s Symphonies No. 2 and 4, Beethoven’s Symphonies No. 6 and 7. Mozart’s Requiem, Frederic Chopin’s Nocturnes and Preludes,Phillip Glass and contemporaries like Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, Cinematic Orchestra, Postal Service and the Bad Plus.

This reminds me a lot of postsecret in audio format; its almost magic how some of these make you feel.  The website makes connections on a humanistic level, and transmits them digitally.  What is amazing is how personal it all feels.  A fantastic project, one that makes you feel better about the world in general.

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