Release | The Bynars - Self Title

The Bynars – Asking Your Mom for Money
The Bynars – How Does it Feel to Be In Love

Synth pop rockers The Bynars write some of the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear, the hook laden songs that are included on their just released self titled debut album will make  your ears dance.  Today, they realize their dream, release their debut and tell the world to get ready.

Over the last few months they have been releasing singles the valentine’s day release of ‘How Does it Feel to Be In Love,’ and march’s ‘Asking Your Mom For Money,’ two really tasty deliriously fun tracks.  These and the 10 other songs on the album are a joy to listen to; totally bright and fun.  This album has a certain personality that is just so damn likable, a sense of humor that is approachable and lyrics that are irrefutably perfect for their sound.  Even on the slow churned ‘Every Little Thing You Love’ the band shows this pop sensibility that is perfect for a sunny day or to just brighten the mood.  I can’t say enough great things about it, I’ve just had so much fun listening I feel its my duty to explain this in as many exclamations as possible (without actually using the punctuation).

For fans of the ‘nerd synth pop rock’ genre this album is 30 minutes long but will spend a considerable amount of time on your player of choice. Replaying again and again, singing the songs in the shower, and chair dancing to these songs is a certainty.  Have a good time and check it out.

BUY THE ALBUM. Now.  Seriously.

The Bynars:

4/29 @ Ralph’s Diner | Worcester, MA (Worcester Album Release Show!) Details / FB Event
5/4 @ Great Scott | Allston, MA (Boston Album Release Show!) Details / FB Event
5/7 @ Fitchburg State University (Underground Pub), Benefit for Japan Details / FB Event
5/13 @ Cake Shop | New York, NY
5/20 @ Andrew Hall | Lunenburg, MA, Mass Recovery Fest (Day 1) Details / FB Event
5/21 @ The Test Tube | Deptfort, NJ Details / FB Event
6/11 @ 201 | Providence, RI
6/25 @ The M Room | Philadelphia, PA
7/16 @ Velvet Lounge | Washington, DC