Review | Adam Arcuragi - Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It...

Adam Arcuragi – The Well

This being my first album I’ve heard of Philadelphia’s Adam Arcuragi, I was extremely surprised at the depth and breadth of his music. There is something magical about this album, the way Adam sings, the carefully placed subtleties on the keys, horns, plucking, it all works in a way to highlight Arcuragi’s sombre raspy tones. There’s a sort of playful teasing between some of the more tender moments on this album and the flat out rabble rousing that creates a balance of sing-along, infectious music to the more introspective contemplative folk.

The album, recorded over a 12 day period in Lexington KY with Duane Lundy (Jim James, Daniel Martin Moore, Ben Sollee) reflects a lot of Arcuragi’s influences, including somewhere in the range of Hymnals to Bob Dylan, one can also hear a bit of Springsteen in his voice as well as his music. The term “Death Gospel,” has been thrown around, and I’m finding it pretty accurate and hard to not use. Though I don’t want it to seem like the entire album is a sombre one, because it really is not.

What sets this record apart is in its contrast. Arcuragi has found a way to be both poetic and graceful in his use of lyrics and the use of choir elements and on the other side he has the ability to rely on his voice to create a rousing, hollering, sing-along with all that goes with it (huge pounding rhythms see, Oh I See). Further, his songs are skillfully written and evoke a sense of soul, they feel a bit spiritual, without feeling too dense. It’s a great balance that keeps you coming back to it. This is one album above anything I’ve heard in this very young year, as it touches the soul, rips it out, and sometimes just rocks you to your core, that you must have.

Its an album, I loved from the beginning, and am glad to have him here later this week to talk about the album, and about his upcoming tour. See you on Friday?

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January 31 Café Bourbon Street Columbus, OH
February 1 Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA
February 2 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
February 3 PA’s Lounge Boston, MA
February 4 Café Nine New Haven, CT
February 6 Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, PA
February 7 IOTA Washington, DC
February 9 Green Lantern Lexington, KY
February 11 MOTR Pub Cincinnati, OH
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