Review | Adam Remnant - When I Was a Boy EP

In 2011, I wrote lovingly about one of my favorite records of the year titled, Canary, by the Athens OH band Southeast Engine. It was full of wonderfully penned stories about an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. Since 2012 the band has wound down, but with great pleasure I’m happy to hear that singer and primary songwriter Adam Remnant, has finally reemerged as a solo artist. Last week, he released When I Was a Boy EP, via Trailer Fire Records.

The 6 songs that make up Remnant’s, When I Was a Boy EP, were assembled together in his basement turned studio. We’re excited to show off the newest video (above) for the lead and titular song, When I Was a Boy, a warm, nostalgic, coming-of-age piece about growing into a man. It looks back to the idyllic days of being young, afraid of girls, and surviving boyhood. It feels like a confessional type of song you might write if you had to move back into your parents house and reexamine your life.

The entire EP is written from this lens. The lyrics explore the trappings of adulthood, looking back into the past, searching for answers, and sometimes the overwhelming numbness that comes with it. From “When I was a boy’s” yearning for boyhood to “Monday Morning’s” existential dread, Remnant’s writing is literate yet accessible, and could easily be an allegory for a generation that is struggling to figure it all out. For Southeast Engine fans, Remnant will jump out, as he weaves these stories from his baritone voice that is tinged with sincerity and wisdom which adds another layer to his songwriting. With a reinvigoration in songwriting, Remnant brings a whole new set of stories that reflect a newfound experience.

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