Review | Alexander - S/T

A Million Years

You may know him as Edward Sharpe, but the frontman of the Magnetic Zeros released a solo project under his given name, Alexander Ebert.  The album entitled Alexander, was written and recorded during time off from the MZ’s.  Alexander Ebert would work in his bedroom with bare minimum recording gear, a guitar and some thrift store instruments during this time off, and Alexander is what has come of it.  I’m told, and it’s fantastic, every note on the album, every random instrument, every little sound was played by Ebert and Ebert alone.

Ebert seems to be one of the most prolific artists out there these days.  His fantastic work w/ Edward Sharpe, fronting IMA Robot, and now a solo album.  This album seems to be centered around the dusty, western folk; but  Alexander hits with a poppy opener a real, timeless feeling.  Album opener is bright and shiny, We originally heard ‘Trust,’ a few months ago, it came out of nowhere, it was a slow beating ramble on kind of track sporting a spaghetti western whistle opening and a ‘A Million Years’ a very warm, introspective track about the sole search for love and the truly amazing possibilities it has for us.  Its catchy chorus will have you singing along in no time, and you’ll be reaching for the repeat button as soon as its over.

This album is based in folk music, but what makes it special and Alex Ebert for that matter is its pop sensibility.  This album is a collection of catchy, hooky folk songs.  Songs that you want to listen to multiple times.  Songs you’ll find more and more to like each time.  Its just one of those albums, you will like more and more every time.

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