Review | Andrew Combs - All These Dreams

Andrew Combs // All These Dreams

POP QUIZ: What’s the name for the album that, each time you listen to it, you have a new favorite song?

Normally, I would call it album of the year, but because it’s only February March, I’ll call it Andrew Combs’ All These Dreams.

In the follow-up to his beloved 2012 debut effort Worried Man, Combs has hit a new high with Dreams that should land him on a bevy of 2015 “Best Of” lists.

While early works drew warranted comparisons to the likes of Dylan, Mickey Newbury, and Guy Clark, this drop finds Combs drawing from other sources. The writing, structure, and instrumentation — including standout performances from the incomparable duo of Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum Jr. (a. k. a. Steelism) — pull from luminaries such as Orbison, Croce and even a bit of early Nilsson. Now that’s not to say that this is a re-tread of material. Far from it. What it is, though, is an album that sounds familiar enough to make you feel comfortable while it has it’s way with you.

All These Dreams is filled with songs that will have you and those around you singing along at every turn. Just know – you’ll be hard pressed to sing them as well as Combs does. His voice seems custom fit to weave the tales of modern man and the mortal coil.

There’s an air of confident vulnerability that permeates most of the songs on the album. From the opening track, it’s apparent that Combs (or the character narrating) is comfortable in his own skin and confident in his convictions, yet humble enough to understand that there’s no such thing as perfection. However, that he’s done trying to right his wrongs or improve his situation, even if that means taking the “Slow Road to Jesus.” There’s no doubt that Dreams is packed with the longing that real Country gold is made of, but there’s also a feeling that as soon as he’s got it all figured out, everything is gonna be alright.

Or maybe nothing will get figured out and nothing will be alright.

And that’s alright, too.

As long as he keeps churning out records as good as this one.

All These Dreams drops in a couple of days (03/03.) Pick it up on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

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