Review | Apache Relay - American Nomad

Home Is Not Places

I’ve been trying to write this review for what feels like a month, seeing the name of the post I keep saying to myself, ‘Gotta write that, people need to know’ and every time I open it up and listen to the album I get lost in the music. So the beginning of the story is I first had the opportunity to listen to Apache Relay almost a year ago. I had received a tip about the band, inquired and actually had their single ‘Home is Not Places’ that actually got lost in the shuffle that is my crazy inbox. Either way, when I heard it again just recently I was blown away and repeatedly saying… how did I miss this? Well luckily it all resurfaced and regardless of when I heard it the important part is letting you know that this is an album well worth purchasing.

American Nomad is some kind of amazing.  They blend acoustic sounds and rock elements so well; it gives the emotionalism of acoustic music with the rousing pounding rock anthem elements.  It’s high spirit music that can also be very sensible and full of feeling. The album begins with a slow burner in ‘Can’t Wake Up’ a soaring, melodic track that seems a little pop-focused in comparison to the rest of the album. The album soon moves on to a more folk alt-country twanged kind of sound. Tracks like ‘Power Hungry Animals,’ the rousing ‘American Nomad’ and the epic sounding ‘Home is Not Places’ shows off the bands ability to write soaring, pounding, fantastic songs that are show off lush instrumentation, impressive musical range and the ability to take a genre like Folk/Rock and contemporize it into a shiny beautiful package that is purely fun to listen to again and again. They also manage to do a pretty damn good job covering Springsteen’s ‘State Trooper’. This is definitely an album that’s got to be heard many many times over and I fully recommend it.

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