Review | Brown Bird - Salt for Salt

Brown Bird – Thunder and Lightning
Brown Bird – Bilgewater

When I got my first crack at hearing Brown Bird I was totally floored.  Amazed at how much great sound duo David Lamb & Morganeve Swain produce together.  Their influences are varied but reside mostly in roots rock, early American Folk, Gypsy music.  Salt for Salt is the perfect example of this blend.  Its a total joy to listen to.

Its this dark side of folk that they mainly explore.Brown Bird has a tendency towards the dark side. Pulling from their influences Brown Bird uses haunting lyrics, varied rhythms and an assortment of instruments to create a sound that is quite unique.  They lit up the Newport Folk festival this summer, and this album will shake you to your core.

Powerful songs like “Cast No Shadow,” & “Blood of Angels,” are fittingly dark and very very enjoyable, midtempo songs like “Bilgewater” and “Chairkickers” strike a fantastic chord of the dark and macabre feeling of their music. They fill an interesting niche style of music incorporating a Gypsy-like European feel that are both a little creepy and awesome to listen to.

Thoroughly enjoyed this album top to bottom, and I can’t say enough about how much this band does with just two people; the sound is phenomenal, full & a joy to listen to. There really is no weak space here on this album and is certainly a favorite of mine in a year full of awesome albums.

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