Review | Brown Shoe - The Gift Horse

Brown Shoe – Diving Bell
Brown Shoe – Colt Rider

The pure landscape of Brown Shoe is huge. Its almost as if every song on the Gift Horse were to be sung atop a mountain. The vocals are expansive and soaring, the sounds are vastly textural, and huge. Everything, I mean everything, is just a bit larger on this album.  If you are unfamiliar with the story, the band is made of four brothers from northern California, Aaron, Bryson, Ryan & Lanson Baggaley and their longtime friend Chandler Clemons.  Their music definitely brings to mind the influences of Band of Horses.  The album is full of crunchy guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and layer upon layer of sound.

Its an ambitious sound for sure, and one the I think the band really pulls off.  From moody slow burners like “cf,” & “the Run,” to foot stompers like “Colt Rider,” & “Diving Bell” this album really has a good central core sound and plays off of that with rhythm & tonal changes. In the end, this one feels like a complete album; one that I’ve gotten tons of listens in and still keep going back.  I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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