Review | Caitlin Rose + Andrew Combs + Hayley Thompson-King

Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose – I Was Cruel

[T]uesday night may have been uncomfortably cold for an April night in New England but the temperature inside TT The Bear’s Place was perfectly warm, thanks in part to the Nashville jet stream that brought Caitlin Rose and Andrew Combs through our fair city. Both musicians have been crisscrossing the country, promoting their latest releases separately, but we were lucky enough the Rose/Combs touring schedule allowed for the both of them to be here together. That would naturally mean they would take the stage to play a rousing number together… and they did not disappoint.

The latest Cailtin Rose album, The Stand-In, is chock-full of songs just begging to be played live and Rose is touring with a fantastic band that kicks that sweet Tennessee sound up a few southern notches when on stage. The set-list included the hip shakin’ number “Only A Clown,” the tambourine shakin’ “I Was Cruel,” and the amp shakin’ “Menagerie.” One of the best songs of the night (mostly because it is one of my favorites from Caitlin) was “Shanghai Cigarettes” from her 2010 album Own Side Now. Andrew was invited up on stage to join in on the fantastic cover of the Buck Owens hit “I’ve Got a Tiger By The Tail.” The crowd was into the show from song one and all thoughts of being out on a chilly Tuesday were washed away as Caitlin charmed her way into the hearts of her Boston fans.

Texas born troubadour Andrew Combs now calls Nashville home and has been out on that lonesome highway since the release of his debut-full length album, Worried Man, back in October of 2012. That same highway delivered him to our town this past February when he opened for Shovels & Rope. Seems that Andrew keeps some mighty fine company as he jumps from town to town. The set started off with just Andrew and his guitar front and center, the perfect way to experience his southern ballads “Worried Man” and “Tennessee Time.” Both of which made me long for a porch with a view of a slow-moving river and a faithful dog my side. Combs plugged in for the last few numbers, and on the sing-a-long song “Emily” he had everyone at TT’s spelling out her name and raising their beers to the rafters.

Local musician Hayley Thompson-King (Major Stars/Banditas) owned that opening spot with her stellar voice, lone guitar and single kick-drum. Sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage she created a thunderous sound that engulfed the venue, and made those lucky enough to be in the club early happy they got to witness the guitar shredding powerhouse in the Harvard sweater.

Check out the great photos our very own Kyle Mitchell took for your viewing pleasure and click play on the Caitlin Rose track “I Was Cruel” above for your listening pleasure.