Review | David Wax Museum - Everything is Saved

Born With A Broken Heart

Last week the Mexo-American folk band David Wax Museum released it’s album ‘Everything is Saved,’ here in Boston.  I missed the party, but I certainly was not going to miss getting to hear their album.  They had already released 2 tracks from the upcoming album, and to put it lightly I was extremely excited about both tracks.

I first saw DWM last summer when they got together at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge with Ben Kweller.  Honestly, Kweller was the draw for me, but once I heard David Wax, and Sue Slezak play I realized we had something really special right here in Boston.  David Wax Museum at it’s core is a folk band through and through.  They’ve learned to use mexican influenced instruments and folklore to rewrite songs into english, and bring it into the American folk music arena.  To say its done well, would be an understatement, Everything is Saved is top to bottom a gorgeous album.

The album has thematic ups and downs,  beginnning with the raucous ‘Born With a Broken Heart,’ a perfect opener with bounce, buzz, handclaps and a whole lot of energy to the solemn ‘Look What You’ve Done to Me’ the Mexican influenced ‘Yes, Maria Yes’ but as a whole, put together they make one fantastic album one that I’ve been listening to on repeat for days.  It is bright and sunny, it is dark and contemplative, a total full on experience with everything you’d want in an album.  I’ve had a ton of fun listening to this, and can’t imagine you won’t too.

Grab your earphones, don’t make any special plans, sit down and listen to this one.

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