Review | Feral Jenny - Greatest Hits

Review | Feral Jenny - Greatest Hits

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Dear all bands: it’s a good idea to name your album Greatest Hits even if it’s all new stuff. Confidence is attractive!

So, occasionally I write about bands that aren’t from the Boston area or Canada, but this isn’t one of those times. Feral Jenny is from right here, and – full disclosure – I work with the aforementioned Jenny, who could have fooled me on the feralness front since she hasn’t bitten even one person during the entire time she’s worked here.

The album is fuzzy and sweet; it sounds more summery than anything has any right to in November. But if you get it now, and you can, you can listen to it in the depths of winter and remember how it was to have your windows open at night. It takes me further back than summer; when I think of having my window open at night, it’s the window of the house we lived in when I was 12, where I had the attic bedroom and could climb out the window onto the porch roof. It’s summer, it’s the 90s in a jangly way, and it’s wistful. Or maybe that’s me.

I’ve got “Morals” for you today from the album, which is right where it kicks in harder, and it’s hard not to sing along with “I don’t want to deal with it, I don’t want to give a shit.” But it was a tough call; it’s all good, and I recommend you go listen for yourself to the whole album (and buy it!) right here. Greatest Hits starts in on this delicious garage-pop journey with “My Parade,” which involves both whistling and tambourines, “You Lose” is about the saddest thing in the world (being told, or shown, that you’re worthless and unimportant), and “Liar” is going to be in your head for WEEKS. The whole situation reminds me of Upset, just with the distortion turned way up.

Unfortunately, the band hasn’t got any shows coming up – they are on a hiatus at the moment, but it didn’t stop them from putting out the album yesterday. You can dig into their back catalog on their Bandcamp as well. Maybe if enough of us pick up the album, they’ll pop out of their hiatus. Like clapping for Tinker Bell. Test that theory here.

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