Review | Hey Rosetta! - Seeds

Yer Spring

By now, you should have heard of Canadian orchestral indie rock band Hey Rosetta.  Their stock-in-trade are huge compositions featuring numerous instruments, big vocal harmonies, string orchestral sounds energetic bombastic music that is a joy to listen to.

Hey Rosetta has a knack for writing and performing songs that have a certain arc to them.  Their structures tend to be a mild and mello beginning verses building with intensity and ultimately bigger chorus’ leading to epically proportioned bridge.  This simple arc creates a fun tension, and an excitement that really doesn’t get old; and a lot of songs on Seeds do this (see Yer Spring).

The music on this album is very accessible; and I’m not surprised at all about their success as a band… they do what they do really well, especially on emotional / ballad like songs (Yer Fall) that climax with huge amounts of energy and fervor.

This album doesn’t seem to be a huge leap forward for the band, its pretty similar to ‘Into Your Lungs,’ but there is a definite difference in recording and production.  Seeds feels more organic, almost live sounding; its an album I very much like, and will definitely come back to again and again.

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