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Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown – Nightfall

[S]ounding like a refined version of the late 60’s era rock and roll that sort of trembles into 70’s rock / folk /country terrirotry, Hollis Brown (the band’s name) is releasing Ride on the Train today on Alive Naturalsound Records. The record begins with the title track “Ride on the Train,” a jangly tune that feels a bit inspired from Seger, especially with the growl on the chorus’.  It’s a steady rock jam that pulls together the subtle train-like percussion rumble a jangled acoustic rhythm and piano melodies that were littered around the late 60’s early 70’s rock eras. It’s especially worthy when Montali’s voice really rumbles in the later choruses. This is straightforward American Rock & Roll that’d be perfectly to be heard at loud volumes, driving at fast speeds leaving the city for the country kind of stuff.

The band settles into a southern rock front with blues undertones on tracks like “Down On Your Luck,” “Gypsy Cat,” & “Walk on Water,” while pulling off a swamp rock tune in “Doghouse Blues.” They get tender and soulful on “When the Waters Warm,” and “Faith and Love,” and find a way deep into your heart  on “If It Ain’t Me,” and near tearjerker “Nightfall.”  Each song is a foot stomper, a toe tapper, or a head bopper, and blends the styles of southern rock, blues, and americana with a level of style and charm.

Ride on the Train is a totally solid rock album complete with a few earworms, with a warmth and depth to their songwriting that makes it both easily accessible, and totally listenable. It’s got moments that reflect inwards, and moments that singer Montali grabs ahold of you. The simplistic form of this record hearkens back to a time where rock & roll was a lot more simple, and quite a bit more enjoyable. This record might have been made by a band out of New York, but they’ve got a southern soul, and make wonderful rock music.

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Mar 7 @ Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
Mar 9 @ The Tugboat – Steamboat Springs, CO

SXSW 2013 :
Wed. Mar 13 @ J. Black’s (Deli Hangover Hideout), 6:30pm
Fri. 15 @ Javelina Bar, NFT Showcase, 9pm – w/ BUFFALO KILLERS
Sat. Mar 16 @ The Lodge (Rethink Pop Music), 4:30 pm
Sat. Mar 16 @ Papi Tino’s (Brooklyn Country Cantina), 6pm

Mar 18 @ Rudyard’s – Houston, TX
Mar 19 @ Hi Ho Lounge – New Orleans, LA
Mar 20 @ Hal & Mal’s – Jackson, MS
Mar 21 @ The Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
Mar 22 @ Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
Mar 23 @ The Basement – Nashville, TN
Mar 24 @ Jack of the Wood – Asheville, NC
Mar 26 @ The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC
Mar 27 @ Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
Mar 28 @ The Camel – Richmond, VA
Mar 29 @ Bayou – Washington DC
Mar 30 @ Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
April 4 @ Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA