Review | Langhorne Slim - The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim – The Way We Move

It’s been a long while since Langhorne Slim’s last album Be Set Free, which hit our ears back in ’09.  But this past tuesday, we all got a taste of what he’s been up to these last three years.  Although if you’ve been attending his live shows, you’ve heard quite a few of these tracks (and probably loved them).

Attempting to capture the pure energy and soul of a Langhorne Slim show into a record is no easy task, but its most evident that they were trying and we can be sure listen after listen, they did a damn good job.  As featured on opening single and title track “The Way We Move,” and “Two Crooked Hearts,” Slim & the Law brought this album some of that energy with jangly guitars, banjos and powerful sing-a-long choruses that you’ll be elated to hear again and again.

As an evolution of sound, this record brings forth a lot of Slim’s soul influences as he croons on poignant songs about his passed grandfather (Song for Sid) a song that can bring you to near tears; or “Fire,” a song of missing that one that you used to love.  It seems as though Slim is actively trying to pull in soulful influences into his music, and his vocal energy pull it off as if it were what he’s been doing all this time.

As apparent by the record and the song, Slim’s “Wild Soul,” is all over this record, they’ve managed to push me further down the rabbit hole as a rabid fan who enjoys every single note they play.  They are a captivating band, with a great, budding songwriter in Sean Scolnick.  What they’ve created here is a fusion of folksy barnstormers, soulful music with pure energy that feels as timeless as it sounds.  This is going to be one of those records for me, one that I can’t shut off for the next decade or so.  I couldn’t urge you more, you need to have this in your collection, its perfect for lazy summer days or driving in the car; it will make you get up and move, and bring you to tears.  It’s a great great record.

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