Review | Left Lane Cruiser - Junkyard Speedball

Lost My Mind
Giving Tree

Left Lane Cruiser’s Junkyard Speedball is the one whiskey shot short of full on rage. The Fort Wayne, Indiana blues rock band made one of the filthiest, grimey, dusty blues rock albums I’ve heard. The aptly titled, Junkyard Speedball, lifts off with raging stomper ‘Lost My Mind’ which is a visceral hard hitting, loose and fast track that sounds like it could be the music for a high speed chase scene and sets the tone for the entire album.

Junkyard Speedball moves on to a more soulful bluesy track in ‘Giving Tree,’ and James Leg even lends a hand on organ.  Its a gorgeous blues Stones(y) kind of sound thats absolutely great to cruise to.  Left Lane Cruiser does not let up after this, intermixing up and down tempo blues rock that is refreshingly straightforward and direct.  This is not mopey music, its pissed off drunk music that is like a musical f5 tornado.

There is little let up on this album and for that I thank them.  What I love about it is the lack of evolution; they aren’t trying to change the music world they seem to be trying to deconstruct delta blues until there’s nothing left.  Its a little punk, and a lot of blues.

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