Review | Little Children - In Hau EP


[H]ave you ever had a dream where you find yourself floating through the night sky, swirling around the clouds, lost somewhere between dread and repose? Linus Lutti evokes just that feeling throughout his latest Little Children EP titled In Hau, an extremely beautiful 5 song collection of haunting melody and delicate composition.

In Hau opens with the track “Islands,” and immediately sets the tone for the listener’s journey through his or her own feelings of hope, or perhaps despair. Good music purposefully brings out different emotions from deep within one’s self, and sometimes you can be taken aback by what you find. Continuing on the In Hau journey we come to “No Direction” where Lutti sings, ever so quietly, “If you reach out you’ll see/If you reach out you’ll feel/No direction for us/The end is near” a dour outlook sure, but the song reminds us to hold dear what matters most despite the inevitable.

As if knowing that you might be lost in a dream with the next track, “The Wake Up,” we are assured that upon waking up the morning light will most certainly chase the darkness away. “Hollow,” and the EP’s closing track, “In Hau,” are elegantly arranged and expertly orchestrated with the style and finesse of a musician performing with complete honesty and talent that goes beyond his 28 years. The fact that the songwriter has only one other EP to his name — 2010’s In Silence — shines a well deserved spotlight on a burgeoning career which will keep fans in a dreamlike state for years to come.

Take a listen to the sublime track “No Direction” above and be sure to purchase In Hau when it is released in the states Tuesday January 15th on INGRID.