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Peggy Sue

[B]righton is known as one of the UK’s most diverse and influential cities for electronic-dance, punk, hip-hop and good old- fashioned rock n’ roll. In fact, the history of the area cannot be told without mentioning the talented musicians that helped create the prototype for today’s bountiful music landscape. The members of Peggy Sue, Rosa Slade (vocals, guitars), Katy Young (vocals, guitars), and Olly Joyce (drums) added their name to this conversation just about 6 years ago and the chatter is getting louder.

The trio released their new full-length album, Choir of Echoes, last week on Yep Rock Records to praise from fans and critics alike. Every track on the new release contains elements of folk-tinged, doo wop, and takes the listener on ride a through every decade of music and back again, without the hassle of a time machine.

The album’s opener, “Come Back Around,” is a sea of harmonious vocals that flows right into the airy “Esme,” a track perfect for a waltzing through the woods on a moonlit night. The following tracks, “Figure of Eight” and “Just the Night,” keep the ethereal sound going strong before shifting into Motown gear with “Longest Day of The Year Blues,” which has some of my favorite lyrics so far of 2014, “I know you’re sorry baby/I know that you tried/Or at least you tried to try.” Slade and Young trade lead vocal duties throughout the album and their voices blend together like a harmonious choir held together by Joyce’s echoing drum beat.

There is an undeniable throwback sound here in Choir of Echoes but Peggy Sue creates a new variation of rockabilly style that manages to sound both new and familiar at the same time.

Take a listen to the fantastic song, “Longest Day of The Year Blues,” above and check out the tour dates on Peggy Sue’s website.

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