Review | Reptar - Body Faucet

Reptar – Orifice Origami

Sometime last summer an EP dropped into by inbox. It was called Oblangle Fizz Y’all, and I was intrigued. Sure enough, that weekend was the August Hurricane of 2011 that hit Boston and Oblangle Fizz Y’all became the soundtrack, phrase (‘Hey, what’s up?’ ‘Oblangle Fizz Y’all!’) and drink (essentially a mojito with carbonated cranberry juice for the fizz of course) of the weekend.

When the power, and internet, came on a day later I did some investigating. Turns out the four guys from Georgia were still in college, and had created an EP strong enough to nab them an opening spot on Foster The People’s fall tour. And judging by YouTube videos of their festival performances, the guys put on a high energy show that included flying tamborines and funky costumes (lots of african prints, spandex, short jean shorts.) The guys stopped through Boston last month and proved that they do indeed, put on a great live show.

But Oblangle Fizz Y’all was just an EP. And these guys have the potential to be huge. Their full length debut, Body Faucet, is out today on Vagrant Records, and is a perfect blend of addictive indie dance pop with an added dose of funky beats. Make that funky beatz. Essentially, it’s the perfect playlist for a dance party in the jungle. With the last few summers dominated by psychedelic dance pop albums by Vampire Weekend, MGMT and Foster the People, 2012 is Reptar’s year.

Take one listen to Orifice Origami or Isoprene Bath, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can’t not dance. And while jungle and african beats are a plenty on this album, there are new sounds on each track, most of which you probably won’t notice until at least the third or fourth listen like the horns that popped up on Please Don’t Kill Me.

Lead singer Graham Ulicny has quick-fire, out-of-breath vocals that are definitely hard to understand, especially in the choruses that tend to erupt after instrumental stretches of building beats and keyboards. But let’s be honest, none of this is important. The important thing, is to dance.

Just in time for summer, Reptar’s Body Faucet has got you covered. Oblangle Fizz Y’all!