Review | Southeast Engine - Canary

Adeline Of The Applachian Mountains
New Growth

Southeast Engine is a Americana Folk band from Athens Ohio. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to have an early copy of this album. The album plays as a narrative about an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. It’s epic, wonderful sounding, and a great story to hear. I’m not sure of the validity of the story, whether its fiction or nonfiction; regardless this is one great sounding album.

The album plays like a troupe of backwoods nomads looking for a place to rest but frequently end up in town playing rousing renditions of their travelogue stories. Sometimes the stories can break out into full out barn burners about subjects you’d not think would be so wild. See the explosive ‘1933 The Great Depression’ and answer ‘Whats so goddamn great about the great depression!?’ or slow burner ‘Cold Front Blues,’ which could just be the best song on the album. Frequently there are these violent explosions; but Southeast Engine has ability to flat out crush you with beautiful crooning, see Adeline of the Applachian Mountains.

Whats so great about this album? The music is of a rustic era, a whistlestop era where things were a bit more difficult and the times were quite grand. The mere quality of the picture that Southeast Engine paints on this album is so gorgeous; it tells a story that’s so descriptive and fun its gorgeous and lush. Adam Remnant’s voice is raspy & dirty and seems to play perfectly to this sprawling narrative.

This has been one of my favorite album’s to listen to and I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy it too. Buy Canary