Review | Spirit Family Reunion - No Separation

Spirit Family Reunion – I Am Following The Sound

[I]mpassioned music abounds on Spirit Family Reunion’s proper LP, No Separation, which to me is THE Guthriesque gospel / folk album of yesteryear, released this year.  I’ve been up on my soapbox hollering as loud as I can about these guys, and this album is the realization of all of those yeasayings.

The true definition of roots music lays all across this album, I’d highlight some tracks, but honestly each of them represents the roots of Americana so well, its a top to bottom solid record.  What I love about it, and about them in general is their passion and love for what they are doing, and it comes through on the record.

It’s a record that is about as true to their live show as its ever going to get, without being recorded live in a single take.  It’s authenticity lies in its sing-a-long nature, it feels as though they are playing just for you, a private audience.  If you are acquainted with their original EP, there isn’t much movement away from center, there are 12 bluegrass rootsy songs, dripping with big harmonies, and a huge abundance of twang.

The record is really special in its ability to bring together the feelings of bluegrass and roots music, how it creates a level of intimacy in all of the gang harmonies, in how it practically forces you to sing a long as if you are a member of the Spirit Fam.  Songs like title track, No Separation, I’ll Find a Way, and I Want to Be Relieved, jangle, pop and jump as they reinforce their spot in this roots scene.

If this kind of sound is your thing, if this all sounds too good to believe, or if you’ve ever been attracted to old timey, bluegrass, roots americana, or country, I’d highly suggest picking up this album, its an absolute must have, just remember to put on your boots so you can stomp and clap along with songs that will have you dancing, swaying and hollering at the top of your lungs.  You will sing-a-long to this record.  It’s one of my favorites, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it too.

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