Review | The Elected at Brighton Music Hall

The Elected – Go For The Throat

On the first or second listen of The Elected’s third album Bury Me In My Rings, you don’t really think about where this music fits in best. But live, it’s clear that all of the songs off their new record are tailor made for a west-coast beach party. Preferably around a bonfire. At sunset.

And so in the dark Brighton Music Hall, on a Tuesday night the setting wasn’t exactly perfect but the sound was. There were ukeleles, bongo drums and lap steel. Playing mostly songs off their latest, the Elected played to a crowd full of Elected fans who came to see Blake Sennett’s face peeking out behind his shaggy hair as he sang.

It’s certainly hard to talk about or listen to The Elected without talking about its predecessor, Rilo Kiley. But it’s safe to say, that both bands are referring their fans either way. If you love well-written songs that are easy to bob your head to, catch The Elected at their next live show.

Nashville native Tristen opened with an excellent set of songs. Just her and her buddy, Buddy on guitar, Tristen belted every song and hooked everyone in. It was clear that the

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audience either already knew of her, and came to see her play. Or had never heard her stuff, but were instantly impressed.