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The Lumineers – Ho Hey

I remember a long while back hearing rumors of this band, and seeing youtube videos of them performing their song Ho Hey, and thinking it was pretty good, but skeptical they had more songs like that in them. My skepticism was totally taken away as soon as I played through their album one time. Truly, that was all it took to fall completely, head over heels in love with this album. I can’t recommend any more than that.

If you aren’t fully versed in the Lumineers I’ll try and fill in the gaps. They are a 3 piece Americana band that has found their way into many hearts with their front-porch folk sound, full of handclaps, sultry ballads, and get-out-of-your-seat-foot-stompers.  Their songs jangle, rattle and  roll.  Their story starts with Wesley Schultz in New Jersey, spending his time writing & playing songs with passed friend’s brother Jeremiah.  Through the loss and grief, Wesley & Jeremiah wrote songs and played out in NY and eventually made their way away from the big city and headed west where a random craigslist ad landed them cellist Neyla Pekarek.  From their, they played in basement dive bars, released a self-recorded EP, self-booked a tour, and started pulling in major fans through their extremely engaging shows and songs.  Fast forward to today, their idea fully realized, a full album; and one that is tremendous.

Their album begins with a front porch intro, “Flowers in Your Hair,” a sort of coming age that is a verse too short of being a full song, it practically begs you to want more, and well dammit, I certainly do. The warm guitars jangle, as the subtle bass drums beat and singer Wesley Schultz sings, they set the stage with a warm, earnest reflection of a time remembered. The album finds its way through songs about women in bars, love, heartbreak and everything in between. What you have here is a group of songs that swell your heart and get you out of your seat to stomp your feet (Ho Hey, Stubborn Love); songs that can crush your heart (Slow it Down, Dead Sea). Their sound is a gift, a star upon the roots revival music that seems to be en vogue these days. They do it with honest to goodness beautiful, engaging songs that will bring crowds together, spurred by music that is passionate.  It is in this that the album’s true colors show, songs that feel timeless, unique and an absolute breath of fresh air.  For me, they showed that the hype can be fulfilled and I’m thankful for having gotten to experience it.

I can’t even begin to elaborate how much I really enjoy this album, I highly suggest, urge you to buy this album. I was convinced this will be one of the best albums of the year as of february, and I’m not going to back off on that, it truly is superb.

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