Review | The Technicolors - The Listener

The Technicolors – Sweet Time

[P]hoenix, AZ rockers The Technicolors newest album The Listener is the slickly-produced follow up to the band’s 2010 breakout album Who Are You and builds upon the foursome’s ability to take the classic rock sound and convincingly mix it with 90’s Britpop attitude to create their own rhythm heavy style.

When the opening track “Again” kicks in the listener of The Listener might think they were listening to the love child of Oasis and Supergrass, and would not be too far off. The 70’s guitar riff laden track “Sweet Time” stays on the same classic rock meets Britpop course and feels like it could be their arena anthem, hence why it was chosen as the album’s first single. A fine choice if I do say so myself. The album’s rock n’ roller is the almost 6 minute long “Hollywood,” which blends sounds and styles from all over the musical map and is tailor-made for throwing fists in the air when played live. The album’s closer is a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and highlights lead singer Breenan Smiley’s impressive vocal range.

All in all The Listener is a good album and is sure to bring more fans to the fold. The Technicolors do rely heavily on influential bands from the past, but it is clear that they are paying tribute to that sound while defining and shaping their own.

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