Rock & Roll Rumble 2016 | The Knock Ups

Rock & Roll Rumble 2016 | The Knock Ups

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Tonight is the last night of the preliminary round of the Rumble – after this, it’s just the winners of each night squaring off until only one is left victorious. So just in case, you’d better come on down to ONCE tonight with me and see the Knock Ups… although if I was a betting woman, I’d put money on their return in a subsequent round.

This is fast-paced, high-powered garage punk that hearkens back directly to 90s riot-grrl sound. I think you can still claim that moniker even if your band does have a man in it. If you want to argue with me about that, come do it in person at the show.

Basically what I’m saying is shut up and put your dress on, and come out tonight.

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