Show Info | Have Gun Will Travel, Larcenist, M.Holland, Mount Peru @ PA's Lounge

Have Gun Will Travel – Thirteen Miles To Empty
Larcenist – Leon

Tonight Bradenton Florida’s Have Gun Will Travel come to Somerville’s PA’s Lounge. The show will be rounded out by Music Savage favorites Larcenist, M.Holland and Mount Peru. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Have Gun Will Travel’s ’08 Casting Shadows Tall As Giants and I’m quickly gulping the kool-aid down. These guys write gorgeous melodic alt country tunes with a wide variety of string assortments they find a way to keep the music extremely beautiful and grounded. I was turned a believer quickly and I think everyone else will as well.

Boston’s Larcenist will close the night bringing songs about rustic surroundings,small town influences and blue collar people, complete with sweeping violin string accompaniments that make these songs instantly likable and the perfect listen for a night like tonight.

It’s certainly going to be a night of great folk / alt country americana music, gorgeous acoustic guitar-based melodies with back-porch banjo, lap steel, viola, piano and harmonicas. For “8 American Dollars” you are going to get into my pick of the night for shows.

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