Show Info | TONIGHT Liam Finn with Marques Toliver @ TT the Bears

Liam Finn – Cold Feet

Tonight, the show to see is at TT the Bears.  The lineup is really fantastic, and if you’ve not heard of these guys, lets mark it down now as a must listen.  Kiwi Singer / Songwriter Liam Finn brings his pedigree (his dad was in Crowded House) some fantastic music and a raucous live show with him as he comes to our fair city.  His most recent release, FOMO, has one of the most catchy songs I’ve heard in a long time (Cold Feet available above).  The song perfectly blends a 60’s style bright sunny sound with a timeless theme of summer romance and the impending fall (perfect for the time of year).  Its one of those songs I will play over and over and over until someone tells me to stop.  Finn’s FOMO is one of my favorite albums I’ve heard this year, and a solid follow up to his fantastic debut I’ll Be Lightning.

Marques Toliver – Deep In My Heart by MarquesToliver

Finn’s opener is quite special indeed.  Marques Toliver is one of the names you are going to know really soon.  The Florida born Toliver is a prodigious talent trained classically as a violinist who got his start busking in Brooklyn.  He quickly gained some attention playing live and recording with TV on the Radio,Grizzly Bear, as well as Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.  He was also featured on NPR’s World Cafe playing a couple of tracks of his EP Butterflies Are Not Free. He plays a classical style music, intermixed with R&B songwriting and its that fusion that makes him quite special.

Get out and have a great night with some fantastic music.

Tickets are $13