Show Preview | Gaetana Brown


Friends, this is something special. I have the privilege of inviting you to a solo acoustic show by Gaetana Brown of Little War Twins, on my back porch, on July 31st.

She is touring the region playing house and porch and yard shows, taking donations at each show to fund her tour. And one of those tour stops will be with us, and, hopefully, with you.

Perhaps you’re not familiar with her work. Little War Twins began here in the Boston area as a larger band but has coalesced to just Gaetana on guitar and vocals, and her now-fiancé Trick James on drums (congratulations, you two crazy kids!). They’ve spent the past couple of years traveling the eastern seaboard as musical nomads, and during that time, Gaetana has also begun playing solo acoustic shows of her own material, Little War Twins songs, and other songs that she loves. Expect that mix at the porch show!

Her sound is anchored by a powerful voice; she packs so much emotion and such a big sound into every note. And trying to describe her songs sends me into such a hippie word spiral – words like “magical” and “mystical” and “warm, enveloping cocoon.” But the show isn’t just for unreconstructed old folkies like me – while, sure, this show may be a little bit less hard-driving since it’s just her and her acoustic guitar (and those pipes), there is a strong indie-rock current in her sound, and you’ll feel it in your chest. Have a listen to her performing “Hidden Dark” in the video above to get an idea.

Since this show is literally in my backyard, I’ll direct you to this Facebook event to RSVP. If Facebook is not your jam, you can use the comments of this post to let me know to expect you. As I mentioned earlier, rather than selling tickets ahead of time, this is a donation-based show, so expect us to pass the hat at the end.

I hope to see you there!