Show Preview | The Curtis Mayflower Record Release @ Atwood's Tavern

Massachusetts’ very own purveyors of soulful blues, The Curtis Mayflower, will be rocking Atwood’s Tavern tonight and your mission, which you should choose to accept, is to get yourself over to Cambridge and join in on what is sure to be a good time.

The show is a record release celebration for their fantastic sophomore studio album, Death Hoax, which has already been receiving a heap of praise from music lovers everywhere. They have been gathering new fans by the masses with their patented brand of high-octane, smack-you-in-the-face blues, and high-energy shows!

Witness this sensory overload for yourselves tonight my friends when The Curtis Mayflower pack themselves, and their gear, on to the cozy Atwood’s stage for an evening of rock n’ roll meant to get your heart-rate elevated and pulse pounding. Make sure your beers are in a safe place.

Show Time: 10:00pm. 21 and over.

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