Show Tonight Rural Alberta Advantage & Pepper Rabbit


The Rural Alberta Advantage brings their unique talents to the Middle East downstairs tonight.  Fresh off their fantastic release of their album, Departing (last week) they’ll be in our fine city tonight, opened by a really fantastic band in Pepper Rabbit.  If you haven’t heard of the RAA, I suggest you point yourself to the above mp3, or grab their latest album here.

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Harvest Moon

Pepper Rabbit is an experimental indie duo out from LA.  Their music runs the gamut from accordions to ukulele to trumpets and everything in between (even a clarinet song).  It’s difficult to categorize this band, ‘their’ sound varies song to song, but their dream pop sound is full of swooping  sounds that range upbeat poppy ukelele songs, to chamber pop clarinet like songs.  They can be absolutely gorgeous and sprawling, and epic sounding and they can be adventurous and fun.

Pepper Rabbit

Get yourselves to the Middle East tonight.  TIX available here.