Song of the Week | Bill Scorzari - It All Matters

Song of the Week | Bill Scorzari - It All Matters

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is sharply focused on the beautiful new single from Bill Scorzari titled, “It All Matters,” off the New York-based musician’s upcoming album, Now I’m Free, out September 20th independently.

Scorzari has been crafting his distinct style of Americana for a while now, picking up his first guitar at the age of eight and performing his very first gig at thirteen. After a two decade stint in the world of law a life-changing event, the passing of his beloved father, saw him turn his sights back to his true passion of music. He started composing songs and released his debut album, Just The Same, in 2014. Three years later he released the critically acclaimed sophomore album, Through These Waves, which is considered by many (myself included) as one of the best of 2017.

“It All Matters” is the first taste of music from the upcoming third album and if it is any indication of what’s to come from, Now I’m Free, we are in for a treat. The track is a richly layered composition of strings built beautifully around male/female vocals and melancholy chords. Nashville’s very own Erin Rae accompanies Scorzari, providing a delicate balance of harmony on each chorus.

He hits the road Saturday, August 24th so if you see your city on the tour page go out and see him play!

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