Song of the Week | Daniella Mason - Human

This week’s WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is on the fantastic new single (along with the accompanying and equally fantastic video), “Human,” from Nashville’s Daniella Mason. The track is the first song released from her forthcoming EP, Emotional State, due out September 21st.

Mason released her debut, self-titled, album in October 2017 and quickly caught the attention of music fans all over the world. Her song-writing highlights a musician not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, allowing the listener to feel as though they are dancing along with a lifelong friend. It is a pretty impressive ability to wrap candid lyrics around a super-catchy pop hook and Daniella Mason pulls it off brilliantly with each beat.

This is one of four EPs that Mason will release as part of her “State of Mine” series. Starting with Emotional State next month, she’ll follow with Physical State, Mental State, and Spiritual State throughout this year and 2019. Each one will explore different emotional topics and areas of our psyche that we often find difficult to navigate as human beings.

I am really looking forward to all of these EPs and will be sure to bring you more music from this talented musician as more singles (and videos) are released.