Song of the Week | Eliza Shaddad - Just Goes To Show

Song of the Week | Eliza Shaddad - Just Goes To Show

Photo credit: Mel Tjeong

The new WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” is sharply focused on the wonderful new single, “Just Goes To Show,” from London musician Eliza Shaddad. It’s the fourth track released from her upcoming debut album, Future, out October 26th via Beatnik Creative.

Shaddad has traveled the world as a musician. The influences of a well-travelled life, and the experience gained while immersing herself in many different and incredible cultures, have played a huge part in her growth as artist. She has toured with acclaimed UK jazz band Hansu-Tori, was a member of the beloved electronic-dance band Clean Bandit, and has played many well know European folk festivals as a solo musician.  2014 saw the release of her critically acclaimed solo debut EP, Waters, followed two years later with an equally well-received EP, Run, released in 2016. That is an impressive musical resume to say the least!

I am super excited to share her new single, “Just Goes To Show,” with you all and implore each and every one of you to search for and listen to the impressive amount of music Shaddad has already created and released. You will not be disappointed!

Pre-order Future here