Song of the Week | Erika Wennerstrom - Extraordinary Love

This week’s WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is on the beautiful new single, “Extraordinary Love,” from Austin-based musician Erika Wennerstrom. The extraordinary track is the from her upcoming debut solo album, Sweet Unknownout March 23rd via Partisan Records.

Wennerstrom is the lead singer of the acclaimed Cincinnati-born/Austin-based band Heartless Bastards whose fifth album, Restless Ones, was released on June 16, 2015 and is overwhelmingly considered to be the band’s finest album to date. The super-talented musician decided to put the comfort that comes with being a member of a band aside for a moment to strike out on her own and challenge herself as an artist. Although there was initial doubt on that decision, from the sound of the first single it is crystal clear that the difficult choice was the right one. Listen to that voice and tell me it doesn’t stop you in your tracks… can’t!

It’s a siren’s call straight to your soul enticing you to find your own extraordinary love.

Pre-order, Sweet Unknown, via Pledge Music and get out there and see her on tour!