Song of the Week | Floco Torres - You!

Song of the Week | Floco Torres - You!

Photo credit: Brandon Everett Thompson

The new WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight shines brightly on the brilliant new single, “You!,” from Ohio based hip-hop artist Floco Torres. It’s the first song from the musician’s upcoming EP, again, which he will be self-releasing July 7th.

Torres is a New Jersey native whose career took off after moving to Macon, Georgia where he was supposed to begin an internship for a record label. Upon arrival he discovered that the internship was no longer available so he did what any talented emcee would do when facing unexpected adversity, which is of course to win Best Local Hip-Hip artist a few months later. 2011 saw the release of his Kickstarter funded, debut full-length album, Floco’s Modern Life, which was nominated for “Best Local Album” in Macon.

He recently relocated to Akron, Ohio where he’s now working for the local arts and culture magazine, The Devil Strip, and furthering his hip-hop career with the new single, “You!,” from the forthcoming EP. The lyrics are a knockout to the senses and speak of a life spent on the move, leaving one home behind and creating a new life elsewhere to avoid settling for comfortable stagnation. The musician’s natural flow and style are front and center and the track delivers the most upbeat and happy vibes I have ever heard on a break-up song.

Floco Torres has been creating music for many years, both in bands and as a solo artist, and has amassed legions of fans with each new release. I imagine that after listening to “You!” you will become a fan as well.