Song of the Week | Freya Beer - Arms Wide Open

Song of the Week | Freya Beer - Arms Wide Open

The latest WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight shines down on Great Britain once again and this time focuses on the new single, “Arms Wide Open,” from London’s Freya Beer. The talented musician emerged on the UK music scene in 2018 with her self-released debut single “Bike Boy” and the follow up “Six Months.”

Last few year Freya launched her own record label called Sisterhood Records and released another brilliant single, “Dear Sweet Rosie,” which is a goddamn jam! She’s been called out as one to watch from music publications everywhere (including this one!), with praise for her music coming from UK big players like BBC Music Introducing and BBC Radio 6 Music.

Of the new song she says: “I tried to convey a ritual style sound accompanied by a tribal drumming beat which drives the track forward. The tubular bells helped contribute towards the overall ceremonial atmosphere of the song. Lyrically, I’ve experimented with exploring the subject of talking about the darker undertones of a relationship“.

I’m crazy about “Arms Wide Open” and I know you will be as well. I love the driving beat, the ringing bells, her amazing voice… it’s just a stunner of a song! I also encourage you to listen to/purchase her earlier singles as well. Freya has said a full-length album will happen one day soon and she plans on tearing up the UK stages again when this madness is behind us once and for all.

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